Reporting Incidents

Should a participant feel harassed, notice the harassment of another participant or have suspicions or concerns around the same, they can reach out to organisers in confidence through the following means:

  1. Locate a member of the FIFAfrica organising team on-site. The FIFAfrica organising team can be identified by red lanyards that they will wear throughout the Forum. There will be at least one member of the team at the information desk by the front entrance throughout the Forum.

  2. By sending an email directly to

  3. By sending a Twitter Direct Message to: @cipesaug – if we are not connected on Twitter, please send a follow request before the Direct Message.

  4. By calling, texting or sending a Whatsapp/Signal message to any member of the incident response team below. PGP can also be utilised

  5. By reaching out to any one of the CIPESA staff at the Forum.

All reports will be treated with utmost confidentiality. Participants will not be requested to take action that may compromise their safety. Where necessary, the FIFAfrica organising team will swiftly engage venue security or local law enforcement, or otherwise assist in maintaining order and guarantee safety of the participants for the duration of the Forum.

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