Guide To Communication

  1. Guide to Communication

FIFAfrica is an international, multidisciplinary forum with complex and contested topics. The Forum draws participants that speak multiple languages and use terms from various fields of study. While English (with sign language interpretation and French translation) will often be the medium of communication, differences in dialect, accent, and pronunciation will be common. Multilingualism will be encouraged at the Forum. We encourage all participants to approach the Forum with open and positive attitudes and to engage constructively and exercise empathy at all times. The following are the proposed communication guidelines:

  • Speak clearly and at a moderate pace.

  • Be an active listener, and be patient with participants who are speaking English as a second language.

  • Avoid jargon and recognise that participants will not use the same terms and may not be familiar with some acronyms.

  • Address ideas. Do not attack the contributor’s person.

  • Disagreements will occur, it’s okay to walk away from a conversation that isn't fruitful or is becoming tense.

  • If you are not convinced by or hold a strong position against a solution and/or intervention by someone else, explain why, and propose an alternative.

  • Remember that any group identity is complex and members are not homogenous.

  • We recognise that insights by participants are shared on online platforms. However, some participants may not want their pictures and/or names shared on social media platforms. Upon commencement of an intervention, speakers should indicate their attribution requests.

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